Redistricting Maps

McCormick County is hosting an online opportunity to view and provide feedback on the new proposed Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations as well as a new proposed Zoning Map reflective of the new ordinances.  These documents would provide more certainty to the citizens of McCormick County as to where and how new developments take place. Kendig Keast Collaborative (KKC), our consultant for this project, has this featured in an online format linked from the County website. This will provide KKC and McCormick County an opportunity to hear from the community on this project. 

Please visit the Project Site to view the code, make comments, and view the new proposed zoning map:

You will click “View” to review the proposed ordinances, “Comment” in the side bar to make comments, and “Maps” to view the proposed zoning maps.  Please email Kelli McCormick with KKC at with any questions.  Thank you for your time and participation.

Among the pines of the Sumter National Forest, nestled along South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast, there is a place where the coastline of Lake Thurmond welcomes people into our proud state, where opportunities abound around every corner, and where the pace of life makes it so easy to connect with nature and even easier to connect with one another.  McCormick County, established one hundred years ago, is this place, and we are proud to call it our home.

We are a diverse collection of communities connected by a historic rail line that winds its way through our county.  The railroad tells the tale of our early years and our connections to the region that surrounds us and fueled our growth.  The rail is still helping us grow now in new and different ways, with the Savannah Valley Rail Trail connecting the Railtowns of McCormick County—Mt Carmel, Willington, Plum Branch, Parksville, Modoc, Clarks Hill, and McCormick, communities with names that evoke the people who inspired the history of this place.  We are also newer communities like Savannah Lakes Village, where old families and newcomers alike enjoy a lifestyle on the lakefront that defines us.  We are a safe and comfortable community to raise a family and enjoy life.

We are a place where you can savor your surroundings, where a connection to the natural world is as close as your front door and a traffic jam means a family of whitetail deer.  We are home to beautiful state parks packed with campsites, golf courses, boat launches, hiking and biking trails, and miles of stunning coastline.  Our approachability, ease of access, and welcoming nature help us put the “great” in “the great outdoors.”

Today, we are building a twenty-first-century economy around the industry, the arts, culture, recreation, and tourism.  We are preserving our natural and cultural resources for our children and grandchildren, and are working together to preserve treasures like Willington, the Dorn Mill, and Price’s Mill.  We are a vibrant arts community that is nurturing artists of all ages and interests, and hosting events to cultivate community pride.

We are a place where the pace is slower, the tea is sweeter, the trees are taller, and the gold shines brighter.  We invite you to discover why people call us the treasure of South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast.

McCormick County, South Carolina: The Natural Pace of Life.