Department Information

Faye-PuckettCoroner: Faye Leverette Puckett, Coroner

Deputy Coroner:
Chris Doolittle
Jason Brown

Location: 608 South Mine St.
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 683
McCormick, SC 29835

Office Phone:(864) 465-3212 / (864) 852-2013
Cell:(864) 993-6153
Fax:(864) 852-2783


The mission statement of the McCormick Coroner's Office is to accurately determine the manner and cause of death of individuals that die within the statutory jurisdiction of the office; through a fair, ethical, and competent investigation of death; performed by qualified and trained individuals. To assist the bereaved in the loss of a loved one. To earn and hold trust and respect of the citizens that we are priviledge and honored to serve. 


  • Perform independent investigation into traumatice deaths that occur outside of hospitals and deaths that occur suddenly or unexpectedly. 
  • Notify families when unexpected deaths occur,such as in traffic fatalities or homicides. 
  • Make positive identification of individuals who have died.
  • Create reports that relate to deaths investigated by the office. 
  • Issue burial transit permits for individuals who have died outside of a hospital.
  • Provide autospy and Coroner's report to agencies and next of kin. 
  • Make the final determination as to the manner of death.
  • Release personal effects to the next of kin.
  • Act as the central depository for all records relative to a death, including the Coroner's Report, Autopsy Report, Police Investigative Reports and any other investigative agencies reports. 
  • Conduct inquests.
  • Issue Cremation permits.